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Fennel Cookie Bark

A decadent slimmed down cookie bark – made entirely for Thanksgiving! Cutting the butter and refined sugar in these cookies saves tons of fat and calories, and yet the soft texture and warm fennel aroma is clearly undeniable … Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As you know, I’m Portuguese but that doesn’t mean we don’t love British… Read More Fennel Cookie Bark

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Earl Grey Smoothie

Where there’s tea, there’s a smoothie! A tea bag is full of surprises … you never know how it’ll end up! What’s in this smoothie? The key ingredients are tea, spinach leaves and apples! It’s a blissful Earl Grey infused smoothie. Here’s my little tricks to make smoothies even greater (step up your game and be edgy!): add… Read More Earl Grey Smoothie

Awesome Desserts, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, No bake, Sweets

Guiltless Chocolate Cups!

A joyful jumble of sticky date caramel between two generous layers of dark chocolate…A sinful last minute dessert to pull off in a couple minutes and stun everyone! What’s always in season? CHOCOLATE!  There’s nothing better than fudgy, gooey and enticing chocolate cups. But be warned, they’re very addictive too!  I faithfully believe in chocolate…anytime,… Read More Guiltless Chocolate Cups!


Seed Crackers

Crispy, flaky crackers! I can already hear the crack. What about you? Crack! Crack! These crackers feature one of my favourite ingredient: spelt flour. The seeds are a chain of crunchiness. As much as I love an apple with some nuts for my morning snack, these days me and my stomach have been craving something a… Read More Seed Crackers


Ghost Mandarin Macaroons

Nut-free, gluten-free paleo macaroons….BOO’YAL! “Trick or treat. Be so sweet. Give me something good to eat”.   Are you on the lookout for an easy low-carb snack for this Halloween season? Then, it’s time to give these macaroons a whirl. They’re not only boo-tiful but also delicious and healthy! A french coconut army never felt so… Read More Ghost Mandarin Macaroons