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Quinoa red velvet cake with chocolate frosting

With a nod to the north, this recipe gets its velvety texture from almond milk, cooked quinoa and maple syrup. They work alongside with a delicious chocolate frosting to make the best beet cake you’ve ever tasted…   Merry Christmas ❄️❄️!  I couldn’t be happier, it’s Christmas time! And my dessert companion was screaming “Chocolate!… Read More Quinoa red velvet cake with chocolate frosting


Liebster Award!

My blog was recently nominated for Liebster Award by First of all, thank you so much for nominating me! Her blog is all about her travelling experiences, some delicious Korean food ideas and a pinch of fashion. Make sure you take a look! For those you have never heard about the Liebster award, Liebster… Read More Liebster Award!

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Chestnut Millet Porridge

A hot bowl of creamy millet porridge with roasted chestnuts … To make you and your belly smile. Dear porridge, you have no options. You have to be really delicious, hot, and thick! I’ve always been so obsessed with chestnuts. Like really, really obsessed … I just love everything about them! The texture, the flavour and they… Read More Chestnut Millet Porridge

Cakes, Cakes, brownies and more!, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Sweets

Chewy Almond Citrus Triangles

These easy healthy triangles are intensely chewy, moist and infused with citrus and almonds… It’s a delicious triangle kinda day! Beeeeep… ⚠️ Almond overdose detection! I wish I had discovered this recipe a long time ago! They’re are so addictive, almost like a blondie but not exactly a real blondie! Whatever, I’m getting confused… let’s just called them chewy… Read More Chewy Almond Citrus Triangles


Muesli Pancakes + Apple Pumpkin Butter

Game Changing Muesli Pancakes   ⇒  Healthy whole-grain … fluffier than ever! Pancakes have the weekend food label, right? And … who said pancakes can’t be both healthy, light and delicious? Let me introduce you to these airy muesli pancakes made with fresh apple pumpkin butter! They’re brilliantly simple and taste divine! I bet your eyeballs are… Read More Muesli Pancakes + Apple Pumpkin Butter