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French Toast


French toast. We all deserve some sweetness in the morning…It’s a state of mind! C’est la vie!

Their awesome smell will make you hit the kitchen in seconds!

If any French reads my blog,  he/she will automatically think I’m insane! What? French toast without sugar, eggs and no butter included! Oh my…but I don’t care they are so yummy and soft! 

Let’s just say I’m really into this recipe and I can’t stop staring at the runny or vice versa! 

This is quite a healthy treat if made with real whole wheat bread and, as we all know, bread is incapable of living alone…Gotta add some sprinkles of hakunnbatatta! FRENCH TOAST, that’s what I’m saying…A warm, nutritious breakfast with slices of bread soaked in a kind of apple cinnamon juice! 

You need to find your way into this not-so-typical French toast…Take a chance and you’ll be swept off your feet!

French Toast
Serves 1
French Toast
  1. half an apple
  2. 1/4 of almond milk
  3. 3 tablespoons of water
  4. 1 teaspoon of flaxseeds
  5. 2 slices of 2 day-old whole-wheat bread
  6. extra: 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract/cinnamon
  1. Chopped apple/honey or maple syrup/cinnamon
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  1. Blend all the ingredientes for 1-2 min, until smooth. Dip the slices of bread into the mixture and cook them on medium-heat for 4-5 min. Let them get soggy and crispy!
  2. Serve with honey and cinnamon!
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