Pineapple Kiwi Power Bowl

There’s a good reason everyone’s crazy for smoothie bowls! They’re easy, delicious and healthy. This one was made with soy milk,  pineapple, and kiwi . Try this power bowl to get that energy booster ⇒ rich in vitamins.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, for me, it’s also the most awesome! Between the morning rush and all the school work I’ve got to do, I find myself needing power bowls, really bad!

If there’s one we thing we breakfast-lovers adore, it has to be smoothie bowls or how I like to call them “Power Bowls”. I wish I could thank the person who created them because they’re like the most wonderful thing in the breakfast worlddddd.  I see smoothie bowls like a grown up version of smoothies and a slightly more irresistible one (love the crunchy topping or nut butters- specially peanut butter or almond butter). They’re an easy way to pack in the vitamins, fiber and minerals and give yourself an energy boost to kick start your day!

You’ll get double what you put in it … it couldn’t be more true when it comes to smoothies or power bowls!

Soy milk will give your favorite smoothie a much thicker, creamier texture – but still make it healthy! Coconut milk or almond milk can be good options, too.

Why soy milk?

For me, it’s all about balance. I don’t drink soy milk everyday, but I also don’t drink cow’s milk every morning. Do you get what I mean? I try to keep changing, so I never get bored of flavours or have a lack of some nutrient. I made this smoothie a week ago, and I felt like having soy milk, so that was it. Anyway, it contains awesome properties, and it’s a good punch of energy and protein. When speaking of benefits and properties in soy milk, we need to mention isoflavon, an antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of cells and stress.

When life gives you pineapples, just add kiwis and blend!

Individually pineapples and kiwis are great, however when we blend them together we take the word “SMOOTHIE” to a new level! It’s one of my favourite fruit arrangements, and the freshness is incredible!  I’ve topped my bowl with Cranberry Hazelnut Clusters, but I recommend this Tropical Granola as well.

Still having doubts about this smoothie bowl? Here are five amazing reasons to try it:

  1. Easy to make and carry: everyone knows how to make a smoothie, right? You just need your blender to do the work for you! Freeze the fruit for an even quicker SMOOTHIE! 
  2. Healthy and nutritious! Get a bunch of nutrients in one sip. It’s made with kiwi, pineapple, soy milk, cinnamon, oats and granola! A great way to start your day with a bit of everything – protein, carbs, fiber and fats (see the recipe tip!).
  3. Replace fruit juices for smoothies! They will leave you satisfied until lunch and it’s like having a dessert for breakfast.
  4. Kiwis are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and, they’re a good source of dietary fiber and potassium too!
  5. Pineapples are low in calories and will shake your whole body upside down… in a good way! Did you know that single serving of pineapple has more than 130% of the daily requirement of vitamin C? Pineapple can promote: digestion, healthy gums and the good work of your immune system. If we were a tropical fruit we would be pineapples, right?

Recipe tip: To keep you fuller for long, try adding ingredients such as avocado, oats, seeds, nut butters or granola. Both are great sources of fiber and protein, but always keep an eye on the quantity. Sometimes, I also love to add a teaspoon of yogurt. 

Kiwi Pineapple Power Bowl
Serves 2
Prep Time
7 min
Prep Time
7 min
  1. 3 kiwis
  2. 1 cup of chopped pineapple
  3. 200 ml of soy milk
  4. 3 tablespoons of oats
  5. cinnamon/ginger
  1. granola clusters -
  2. tropical granola -
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  1. Peel the kiwis and chop the pineapple.
  2. Blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy.
  3. Serve with granola and quick oats!
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