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Lemon Mousse with cookie crumbs!

When black cats prowl and lemons gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween. The healthiest and spookiest lemon mousse ever! Even though the ghosts are out and the witches are flying, there’s nothing to be scared about this creamy lemon dessert! Succulent cookie crumbs with some terrific lemony mousse…Are you in a hurry to prepare… Read More Lemon Mousse with cookie crumbs!

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Hazelnut Butter Cookies

Surround yourself with great people and GOOD COOKIES! Hell, yeah!  Hazelnut cookies full of superfoods…Such an easy recipe with a touch of coconut oil, honey and quinoa flour!   They’re so velvety and the flavour of the hazelnut imparts an incredible rich wild aroma. I’m crazy about cookies, the ones I bake, of course! Healthy… Read More Hazelnut Butter Cookies

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Chocolate bundt Cake

A delish bundt cake bursting with intense chocolate flavours and an alluring hazelnut aroma…. Chocolate Addict ⇐ Parking only ⇒ (violators will skip this delicious cake!) A healthy spin on a classic! This cake sweeps down the butter and the refined sugar and it’s made with whole-wheat ingredients! There are three main reasons that pushed me to… Read More Chocolate bundt Cake