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Hazelnut Butter Cookies

Surround yourself with great people and GOOD COOKIES! Hell, yeah!  Hazelnut cookies full of superfoods…Such an easy recipe with a touch of coconut oil, honey and quinoa flour!   They’re so velvety and the flavour of the hazelnut imparts an incredible rich wild aroma. I’m crazy about cookies, the ones I bake, of course! Healthy… Read More Hazelnut Butter Cookies

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Chocolate bundt Cake

A delish bundt cake bursting with intense chocolate flavours and an alluring hazelnut aroma…. Chocolate Addict ⇐ Parking only ⇒ (violators will skip this delicious cake!) A healthy spin on a classic! This cake sweeps down the butter and the refined sugar and it’s made with whole-wheat ingredients! There are three main reasons that pushed me to… Read More Chocolate bundt Cake