Coconut Chips … 4 ways!

Authentic coconut chips ➯ 1 coconut = 4 ways around! Sweet to savory, spicy and crispy. Have you ever tried coconut chips before? For the snack eaters out there, this recipe is perfect for you. Grab these and you’re ready to run. They’ll fool your belly between meals and keep you energized at the same time! Keep these… Read More Coconut Chips … 4 ways!

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3 Valentine’s Day desserts to fall in love!

 Love is really in the air, isn’t it? πŸ˜β™₯  To keep reading, you’ll need to be ready for 4 things: Take your love for desserts to the next level. Make someone you love happy! Say I love you. And get deliciously HEALTHY! Are you still with me? If yes, run to the kitchen and forget all… Read More 3 Valentine’s Day desserts to fall in love!

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Midnight Approved Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today, I’m honoured to post the incredible classic cookies, overloaded with chocolate chips… now with a much more healthy nutrient-dense version! It’s a happy day! Not all hope is lost, you can count on it! These are definitely hard to leave alone! Ohhh … here comes the cookie dough! It’s Sunda-yyy! Do you need more… Read More Midnight Approved Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ferrero rocher bites + how to freeze cookies!

“Monsieur, with these healthy Rocher you are really spoiling us”! Take a good look at these charming little bite-sized cookies that taste heavenly! Full of wholesome ingredients and sugar-free. Ferrero Rocher is possibly the sexiest and most luxurious chocolate in the whole world! With that glossy golden colour… but don’t fool yourself. From milk, emulsifiers, cocoa… Read More Ferrero rocher bites + how to freeze cookies!