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Cranberry Hazelnut Clusters

L-size clusters bonded by thick honey, a bunch of hazelnuts and lots of cranberries! If you’re still wondering what these clusters are all about, I’ll explain…Healthy, big cereal blocks with supreme nutty flavor and crispy edges! I’m a devoted cereal girl. I considered myself happy with a big bowl of clusters and a splash of… Read More Cranberry Hazelnut Clusters

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes

2 Berries Workout Smoothie

Have you just finished a workout? Are you looking for that easy satisfying smoothie to comfort your tummy? Rise up and join me! Berries..Berries! Go get them now! This smoothie is creamy, fruity and extremely well-balanced. This recipe will make you feel good in and out and provide your body fibre, vitamins (folate-B9 and more), manganeze… Read More 2 Berries Workout Smoothie

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes

French Toast

  French toast. We all deserve some sweetness in the morning…It’s a state of mind! C’est la vie! Their awesome smell will make you hit the kitchen in seconds! If any French reads my blog,  he/she will automatically think I’m insane! What? French toast without sugar, eggs and no butter included! Oh my…but I don’t care they are so yummy… Read More French Toast

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes, Snacks

Banana Kiwi Overnight oats

Bring on the sunshine. Breakfast’s ready! You’re just 5 minutes away of making this overnight oats…let’s do it!  Even though I love oatmeal and porridge, in the summer I prefer to eat overnight oats! It’s sweet, fresh and simple…sooo good and I never get bored of fresh fruit dipped in yogurt! You’re about to become… Read More Banana Kiwi Overnight oats