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Cranberry Hazelnut Clusters

L-size clusters bonded by thick honey, a bunch of hazelnuts and lots of cranberries! If you’re still wondering what these clusters are all about, I’ll explain…Healthy, big cereal blocks with supreme nutty flavor and crispy edges! I’m a devoted cereal girl. I considered myself happy with a big bowl of clusters and a splash of… Read More Cranberry Hazelnut Clusters

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes

2 Berries Workout Smoothie

Have you just finished a workout? Are you looking for that easy satisfying smoothie to comfort your tummy? Rise up and join me! Berries..Berries! Go get them now! This smoothie is creamy, fruity and extremely well-balanced. This recipe will make you feel good in and out and provide your body fibre, vitamins (folate-B9 and more), manganeze… Read More 2 Berries Workout Smoothie

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes

French Toast

  French toast. We all deserve some sweetness in the morning…It’s a state of mind! C’est la vie! Their awesome smell will make you hit the kitchen in seconds! If any French reads my blog,  he/she will automatically think I’m insane! What? French toast without sugar, eggs and no butter included! Oh my…but I don’t care they are so yummy… Read More French Toast

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes, Snacks

Banana Kiwi Overnight oats

Bring on the sunshine. Breakfast’s ready! You’re just 5 minutes away of making this overnight oats…let’s do it!  Even though I love oatmeal and porridge, in the summer I prefer to eat overnight oats! It’s sweet, fresh and simple…sooo good and I never get bored of fresh fruit dipped in yogurt! You’re about to become… Read More Banana Kiwi Overnight oats

Breakfast Goodies, HEALTHY RECIPIES, HOME, Recipes, Snacks

Vanilla Almond Skillet Granola

  We’ve got almonds, vanilla and oats…Nothing more, nothing less than a sticky badass granola! These days I just love this granola recipe! I guess the fact that we don’t need an oven to cook it, makes it quite a phenomenon.  Hold a skillet, pour some oats, seeds, raisins, a little bit of vanilla, the charming… Read More Vanilla Almond Skillet Granola