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Chestnut Millet Porridge

A hot bowl of creamy millet porridge with roasted chestnuts … To make you and your belly smile. Dear porridge, you have no options. You have to be really delicious, hot, and thick! I’ve always been so obsessed with chestnuts. Like really, really obsessed … I just love everything about them! The texture, the flavour and they… Read More Chestnut Millet Porridge


Muesli Pancakes + Apple Pumpkin Butter

Game Changing Muesli Pancakes   ⇒  Healthy whole-grain … fluffier than ever! Pancakes have the weekend food label, right? And … who said pancakes can’t be both healthy, light and delicious? Let me introduce you to these airy muesli pancakes made with fresh apple pumpkin butter! They’re brilliantly simple and taste divine! I bet your eyeballs are… Read More Muesli Pancakes + Apple Pumpkin Butter

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Earl Grey Smoothie

Where there’s tea, there’s a smoothie! A tea bag is full of surprises … you never know how it’ll end up! What’s in this smoothie? The key ingredients are tea, spinach leaves and apples! It’s a blissful Earl Grey infused smoothie. Here’s my little tricks to make smoothies even greater (step up your game and be edgy!): add… Read More Earl Grey Smoothie