Welcome to SweetSpotting!


Here you will find dozens of recipes with a healthy twist…. from cakes to cookies and a lot more! Truly delicious food and, really easy to make !


Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved cooking. I used to help my mother baking and, of course, my favourite part was licking the bowl (I guess it’s everyone’s favourite part!!). No matter how many times I cook I constantly feel the same happy and exciting feeling……Although I must admit that I ‘m quite of a mess in the kitchen….


I don’t follow any particular type of diet. The recipes you’ll find on my blog aim at a healthier and more balanced diet without the use of refined sugars and refined flours. Instead, I use healthy oils (coconut oil, ghee,..), nut flours (almond flour, hazelnut flour,..), whole wheat flours and fresh fruit and veggies. Healthy food can be fun and tasty too!